Advanced Safety Awareness and Safety Skills Training

Behavior-Based Safety continues to increase in popularity year after year as more and more companies discover the powerful benefits realized by addressing employees' safe and unsafe behaviors. SafeStart® addresses human error and unintentional at-risk behaviors not only in the workplace, but also at home and on the road. It helps to develop safe behaviors wherever we are and whatever we are doing. SafeStart® helps to reduce injuries by increasing safety awareness and teaching critical error reduction techniques.

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SafeStart 1-Day Workshops 2-Day Train-the-Trainer Workshop SafeStart® Workshops
SafeStart® 1-Day Overview Workshops

The One-Day Workshop may change the way you think about safety and enable you to understand the concepts, techniques and learning design used in the program.

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2-Day Train-the-Trainer Workshop

The Two-Days Workshop will allow you to fully evaluate the program and how it is implemented and delivered.

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SafeStart® Webinars

Join us for a FREE one-hour overview webinar to see how SafeStart® can help your company to reduce the number of injuries in the workplace.

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Learn proven concepts for reducing injuries, maintaining low injury rates, and continually making your workplace safer.

Everyone knows that keeping your mind on task and eyes on task is important – whether you are operating a crane or kicking a ball or driving a car. So why would you need to train employees how to do it?

To drive your organization’s rate of personal injury and error down, you must first understand the root causes behind mistakes and errors. Telling employees to "be careful" or "pay more attention" is not enough. Employees need tools which will teach them how to keep safety in mind – even when they are pressured by production quotas.

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SafeStart® consists of five modules. Each takes approximately 90 minutes. Ideally, the modules are conducted one week or two weeks apart. Each consists of a video segment, a question and answer workbook, another video segment and a table group discussion.

SafeStart Program Content

  • Unit #1 - Introduction and Overview
  • Unit #2 - Eyes on Task, Mind on Task
  • Unit #3 - Line-of-Fire, Balance/Traction/Grip
  • Unit #4 - Rushing, Frustration, Fatigue & Complacency
  • Unit #5 - Putting it All Together (Summary)

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larry-wilson-safestartLarry Wilson
Author, SafeStart®

Larry Wilson is a frequent speaker at health and safety conferences around the world. His entertaining anecdotes and unique perspectives come from the practical experience of personally assisting more than 500 companies with implementing behavior-based safety processes. On the road 150 days per year for more than 20 years, he has more practical experience – more companies, more places, and more industries – than possibly anyone else in the field. As the author of SafeStart®, Larry has compiled his years of experience into a common sense approach to working safely both on and off the job.